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To celebrate the release of this goddamn life-destroying book project, editors Zack Carlson & Bryan Connolly will be traveling across the Eastern US in Spring 2011! Presented by Fantagraphics Books and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!

Now look...these events won't be yawn-inducing readings or sleepy-ass panel discussions. Instead, we'll be punching boredom in the kidney with SPAZZED-UP EVENTS and RARE 35MM MOVIE SCREENINGS in every town we stop in! From punk movie all-nighters to free doughnut brunch signings to weekend-long new wave meltdowns, we will sweat blood and fun until the world drowns in manchild rage.

The book will be available at all events, with several shows featuring live guests from the films we're running. Others might include live bands, lowbrow food and much much more! Also, we'll be screening an exclusive punk movie clips barrage made exclusively for this tour by the VHS masochists at Everything Is Terrible! And more!

Interested in having us come to town?  Email and let us know.